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SmartND OutSmart EMR Advanced Intake Forms And Questionnaires

Introducing the NEW

Electronic Medical Records for Multi-Disciplinary Clinics

OutSmart EMR: A Highly Customizable Professional EMR for Multi-Disciplinary Clinics!

OutSmart 2, Multi-Disciplinary Edition is our newest EMR solution specifically designed for Multi-Disciplinary Health Care Clinics, providing highly customizable and flexible charting solutions for professions like Naturopathic Doctors, Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Massage Therapists, Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Homeopaths, and more.

 OutSmart EMR Offers Limitless Flexibilty

The OutSmart EMR Multi-disciplinary Edition molds itself to your profession and your preferences, offering limitless flexibility.  Want an extremely simple charting experience?  We’ve got that.  Want to be able to meticulously chart IV’s, or create comprehensive product schedules, or graph lab results over time?  We’ve got that too, and everything in between.  OutSmart EMR is your EMR, your way.

The Flexible SMART Professional EMR For Multi-Disciplinary Clinics

Your EMR, your way.

Watch a quick demo to learn more…

…and see for yourself how OutSmart EMR can help your practice.

outSmart EMR has a wide variety of tools and modules to deal with any clinic type.

From the lone ranger to the multi-disciplinary clinic, we’ve got you covered.

SmartND OutSmart EMR For Complimentary and Alternative Health Care Providers

Medical charting built from the ground to be modular, flexible, and customizable.
Think Lego… but more medical.

A simple concept made powerful through outSmart’s charting system.

SmartND OutSmart EMR Powerful Medical Charting

Powerful EMR Template Builder

You’ll LOVE outSmart’s powerful and flexible Template builder. Create single large templates or several smaller ones, and combine them all together right during a patient visit.  Reduce your charting time and increase your patient interaction!

Advanced Charting sections for Acupuncture, IV Therapy, Botanical Medicine, Injections, Supplements and Prescriptions, and more...

Our sharp focus on specific types of health care practitioners has allowed us to create more intelligent sections custom tailored to specific professions. As outSmart EMR grows, so will our library of customized EMR sections.

Intelligent integration between Questionnaires and Charts

Do you ever feel like you are repeating the same tasks over and over? This is one of the problems that outSmart is committed to solving. One way is the powerful integrating between our Questionnaires, Charting, and Patient History. For example, when a patient fills out one of your intake forms, these answers can be used to auto-populate specific areas of your SOAP or Freeform medical chart.

Finish Charting In Minutes, Not Hours!

Our specialized SOAP sections make charting simple and efficient, saving you time and improving interactions with your patient. Save complex protocols for future use, and finish your EMR charting in minutes, not hours.

OutSmart EMR Canvas, IV Therapy, and Acupuncture Modules

SMART: Acupuncture

Use the acupuncture points library, save protocols, and reuse them with a single click.


SMART: Diagnoses

Western and Asian Medicine diagnosis lists can help you track your patient’s progress while evaluating trends in your practice.  Copy previous diagnoses to new charts with a single click.

SMART: IV Therapy

Use single substances or create complex recipes, calculate osmolarity and save protocols for future use.


SMART: Vitals & Measurements

Record measurements and graph changes over time. Allow your medical assistant to record data in patient charts.

SMART: Supplements

Use our built-in supplement libraries or create your own dispensary. Save dosages and instructions, and track inventories.

SMART: Autocomplete

Save snippets of text for later use, and our SmartList autocomplete system can save you the trouble of having to type them in again.

It’s like Mission Control for your staff…   Houston, problem solved.

The Admin Dashboard keeps your clinic’s important functions at your staff’s fingertips.


Your Day Sheet

The outSmart EMR ‘day sheet’ lets you see all the relevant information for a particular day.  From your day’s schedule, outstanding invoices, patient alerts, tasks, notes…  everything you need to have at a glance, for every single day.

Daily Product Feed

outSmart EMR’s dashboard includes a daily product feeds, which is an incredibly useful tool for your dispensary.  Every time a product is recommended on a patient’s chart, it shows up in the feed, so that your support staff can have your patient’s products ready before they even arrive at the dispensary.

The Admin Control Center

The admin control center gives your staff easy access to all the day’s activities.  They can check-in patients as they arrive, prepare invoices and view overdue accounts, order lab tests and retrieve results, and check out a patient quickly and easily.
SmartND Outsmart EMR Advanced Admin Dashboard

Automated Questionnaires and Consent Forms.   Before, during, or after their visit.

outSmart EMR’s automated forms reduce your administrative work while upgrading your diagnostic toolbox.

SmartND OutSmart EMR Online Patient Consent Form

Automated Questionnaires and Consent Forms

Set up each of your appointment types with customized confirmation messages, questionnaires, document attachments, and patient reminders. Any patient booking with you will now get all this information immediately upon booking.

Fully integrated Patient Portal

outSmart EMR’s Patient Portal allows your patients to access all their treatment information anytime. Treatment plans, handouts, document uploads, appointment bokings, all can be taken care of within the Patient Portal.

Free Online Booking, Scheduling, and Intake Forms.  Yep.  You heard us.

SmartND’s outSmart EMR free accounts include unlimited online booking and scheduling, among other things…

SmartND Outsmart EMR Advanced Calendar, Scheduling, and Online Booking

Integrated Online Booking, Scheduling & Patient Management

outSmart EMR free accounts include UNLIMITED Online booking and scheduling! Our online booking module is sophisticated enough to help you organize efficient work days, but so easy to use that your patients will love you for switching!

Free Automated Intake Forms And Questionnaires

All free accounts come with the ability to create and administer a wide variety of intake forms and questionnaires. Attach them to your various appointment types so that they get sent out automatically whenever your patients book appointments.

UNLIMITED Offices, Admin, and Medical Assistant Accounts!

All SmartND outSmart accounts come with unlimited offices so that you can manage all your offices from one account. You can also invite unlimited staff to help manage your offices. Medical assistant accounts allow you to hire staff to help you with collecting basic patient data like vitals and IV details, at no additional charge.

A document management dream come true.   With fax and labs integration.

The outSmart EMR context-sensitive documents system keeps all your files neatly organized, sortable, and accessible anywhere, anytime.

SmartND OutSmart EMR Advanced Document Management

Easily Share Anything With Patients and Practitioners

SmartND allows you to easily share and manage sharing permissions for everything you create.  Share templates, charts, protocols, files, images, handouts, notes, lists…  Anything and everything can be shared with groups or individuals, patients or practitioners.

Email Patient Treatment Plans

E-mail patients their treatment plan or handouts at any time, even during a visit. You can also e-mail patients right within SmartND, and all your online interactions will automatically become a part of their chart. Never hunt through your inbox for patient information again; keep your patient communications where they belong, right from the start.

Organize with Smart Labels

Organize all your documents, faxes, lab results, handouts and anything else you update with powerful Smart Labels. Anything you upload can be sorted and made available throughout the EMR.

Invoices, Purchase Orders, Inventory Management, and Reports.  A privacy compliant solution.

outSmart EMR’s accounting system is everything you need keep your general business financials in line while maintaining patient privacy.

SmartND OutSmart EMR Advanced Reports
SmartND OutSmart EMR Advanced Inventory Management

Financial Reports

Easily generate all the financial data you need, and prepare General Journal entries for your accountant or bookkeeper. Using Quickbooks? Our reports can provide you with all the data needed to create a single anonymous entry into your accounting software, so that you can protect your patient’s privacy.

Patient Reports

Our patient reports can give you general to specific information on your patients, and generate mailing lists you can use to organize your marketing strategies. Using our Smart Circles feature, you can create custom patient groupings in SmartND and transfer these to marketing platforms like Mailchimp.

Invoices, Purchases, and Inventory Management

Create invoices, record purchases and manage your inventory all within outSmartEMR. Send invoices automatically to patients via e-mail or through the patient portal.

More OutSmart Features


Fully Secured Servers Physically Located In Canada and US

All communications between your computer and our servers is encrypted by SSL.  Additionally, Canadian and US data is stored on Canadian and US soil respectively, in professionally secured servers located across the country.  We backup your information every single day, and store archives order to prevent any potential loss of data.

HIPAA (US) and HIPA (Canada) Compliance

The HIPAA and HIPA legislation guidelines protect the privacy and confidentiality of personal medical records in the US and Canada. SmartND has taken all the appropriate measures to ensure that outSmart EMR is fully compliant with both of these Privacy Acts.

Toll-Free Customer Support

SmartND offers toll-free customer support for all our users AND their patients.  We offer clinic set-up appointments, phone or webinar consultations on converting from paper charting to EMR, and we also offer online training sessions.  We love to talk to our customers, and it shows!

Feature Requests

Yes!  We take requests.  Do you have an idea that you think would be a great addition to outSmart EMR?  Let us know, we are constantly developing the service, and your requests are what motivates us to keep making it better.  Keep ‘em coming, we want to hear from you!

Patient Portal

The Patient Portal allows your patient to log in online and access their upcoming appointments, treatment plans, handouts, and anything else you might have assigned to them.  They can also communicate with you right within the patient portal, and everything gets saved right within their chart.

Clinic and Practitioner EMR Statistics

Ever wanted to know just how many patients you see in one month?  How about how many of those came in with headaches, or how many times you suggested probiotics?  How about your average sales for the month, or perhaps your busiest days of the week, our your general patient demographic? outSmart’s gives you the ability to run reports on just about any of the data you have collected.